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K.L., Laulau. Our first night.

when on holiday, you don't want to spend your time in front of a screen

sunny 32 °C

Sorry for taking so long to post the first Chapter of my trip.
Writing takes time and discipline and I'm not sure I have either of both. so I'll mainly post photos.

I woke up one hour later than I planned this morning, I’ve set my alarm at 5am but not on the right day... big stress when waking up I’ve seen 6.12 on the clock! I rushed in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and grabbed my bags and left. I always plan to wake up very early before I travel so I have one hour to wake up and have breakfast. I wasn’t late at the airport but had to skip the relaxing breakfast at home.

We had a 20 minutes stop in Dubai then flew to Brunei Where I had to wait for 3 hours before catching the plane to KL. I stayed in the airport. At 12.30 priers started to come out of the speakers (Brunei is a Muslim Country). This and the sight I had from the transit hall made me fully realise I was quite far from the cold Europe.

Arrived in KL airport, the security check was really quick. The agent just took my passport and stamped it without asking to see my return ticket or asking me any question about why I was here and for how long (I’m so used to the Western paranoid way, it felt really good to not feel suspected of any hidden agenda).
I took the bus to get to the B&B in the city.

Laurianne joined me late at night on the 5th (I was starting to worry as she didn’t have a phone and had no way to contact me in case of trouble and she was being late according to the time she landed at KL international airport).
We’re sharing the same bed in a tiny room with no window. We have a wet room/toilet and air con. The B&B is only 10 minutes walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers. We are basically in the city centre. Night life here is loud and a bit messy but everything is teasing our curiosity.


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Broccoli and chicken

My last meal before the start

rain 4 °C
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10.50pm in cool and wet London

I thought I would finish all the food I had left in the fridge and cooked way too much for a one person's dinner. I'll have to leave the left overs for Adrian* and Arantza* to finish (dump in the bin?).
My flight is at 10.10am tomorrow, I'll wake up at 5am and leave at 6.30 and should get to the airport early enough.
Then I'll land 24 hours later in Kuala Lumpur at 5.10pm local time. where my friend Laurianne will join me few hours later, flying from New Caledonia where she lives. She'll stay with me for 10 days and then I'll be on my own for the last 18 days of my trip, meeting friends along the way and maybe making new ones.
I'll feed this blog with photos and maps and comments as often as the internet connections allow me to.

One of my siblings asked me to write it in French. I said I would try to write two versions of each post, but I have to admit I've already given up the idea as I'm typing this text. The majority of my friends speaking English or being able to understand it, I think I'll stick to this language as it takes me less time to write and actually think in English than in French. And I don't want to spend too much time in front of my screen when there's so much to see out there!

Ok, enough for now, I still have to wash the dishes before I shower and go to bed.

2012 is not starting so bad ;)

  • Adrian and Arantza are my lovely flatmates


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